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Whiskers is our top-level for children who are confident and happy to talk in English

  • At Kids2Class we believe children learn their best through practice in a guided and supportive environment.
  • Each lesson is built around a different theme for the children to explore.
  • Multiple skills will be integrated into each class.
  • Practical learning without the pressure to perform.
  • Experienced, qualified trainers.
  • Specially developed, proven methods and educational games.
  • Interactive Live classes
  • Offline work
  • Every class is completely conducted in English


English language actively, freely, creatively and without inhibitions – similar to our native language.

Focus: The courses are geared to the respective students and contain speaking, stories, games, videos, work sheets and much more – of course all in English.

Students which have already English lessons at school and can improve their skills.

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