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Starting Out

For kids who have little to no English language skills and want to learn at our Beginners level

  • Getting started in learning English then this is the ideal course.
  • Courses suitable for children 1 on 1
  • Lively, encouraging, happy lessons.
  • Optimal, effective support.
  • Fantastic teaching materials with simple reading, writing, and grammar exercises.
  • Learn simply through games, verses, conversations, and stories – all in English of course.
  • The Level 1 course is suitable for beginners or as a continuing course for English.
  • Vivid, stimulating, fun lessons
  • Pre-class and after class offline activities
  • Every class is completely conducted in English


Your child learns the language informally and with all the senses, through games,  movement, painting, and above all fun. The emphasis is placed on understanding the language and speaking freely. The vocabulary is slow but steadily increases with many age-appropriate teaching materials and games so that the children are soon able to hold simple conversations in English and understand short stories. Children learn basic grammar intuitively and it is consolidated with special games and exercises. Reading, writing, and grammar rules are added according to age and level.

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